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Since 1922, Super-X ammunition has provided exceptional quality and outstanding performance for all types of hunters and shooters who rely on its time-proven dependability backed by legendary excellence.

Calibre Bullet
Velocity Rounds
per Box
200 Grain Power Point® 2960 fps 20
180 Grain Power Point® 2620 fps 20
90 Grain Power Point® 3440 fps 20
120 Grain Power Point® 2990 fps 20

338 win mag ammo canada


The Ultimate Guide to 338 Win Mag Ammo in Canada: A Hunter’s Dream

In the realm of big game hunting, precision and power are paramount. The 338 Winchester Magnum, a round synonymous with reliability and efficiency, stands out as a top choice for hunters across Canada. This comprehensive guide delves into the world of 338 Win Mag ammo in Canada, highlighting its unique features, applications, and availability.

Unpacking the Power: What Makes 338 Win Mag Special?

The 338 Winchester Magnum cartridge is renowned for its long-range accuracy and exceptional stopping power. Ideal for hunting large game like moose, elk, and bear, this caliber offers a balanced blend of velocity and ballistic performance. The result? A round that ensures a humane, one-shot kill, crucial for ethical hunting practices.

Navigating the Canadian Market: Availability and Choices

Finding high-quality 338 Win Mag ammo in Canada is straightforward, thanks to a robust market catering to hunters and shooting enthusiasts. Brands like Hornady, Federal, and Winchester offer a range of options, from soft point to full metal jacket bullets, ensuring suitability for various hunting environments and preferences.

Regulatory Considerations: Staying Compliant in Canada

As with any firearm-related activity in Canada, understanding and adhering to regulations is vital. Hunters must ensure they possess the appropriate licenses and are aware of any regional restrictions regarding ammunition use. Staying informed not only ensures legal compliance but also promotes safe hunting practices.

Where to Buy: Top Retailers for 338 Win Mag Ammo

Several reputable retailers across Canada offer 338 Win Mag ammo. Whether you prefer in-person shopping at local hunting stores or the convenience of online purchases, options abound. Retailers like Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and various independent local stores provide a wide selection of ammunition to meet every hunter’s needs.

In Conclusion: Embracing the 338 Win Mag Advantage

The 338 Winchester Magnum remains a top choice for Canadian hunters seeking a reliable, powerful, and versatile cartridge. Its exceptional performance in the field makes it an invaluable tool in the pursuit of big game. With ample availability and a supportive hunting community, embracing the 338 Win Mag is a step towards successful and responsible hunting adventures in Canada’s diverse landscapes.

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