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.45ACP  Canada: A Powerful Caliber for Firearms Enthusiasts


When it comes to firearms and ammunition, the 45ACP Canada cartridge holds a significant place in the hearts of enthusiasts around the world. This article aims to explore the popularity and relevance of .45ACP Canada, shedding light on its history, legalities, advantages, and disadvantages. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or simply curious about firearms, read on to discover the allure of .45 ACP in the Canadian context.

What does 45 ACP mean?

History and Origin

The 45ACP Canada was developed by John Browning in 1904 for use in his iconic Colt M1911 pistol. It gained prominence as the standard sidearm for the United States military and was later embraced by law enforcement agencies and civilians alike. Its rich history and association with military service contribute to its enduring popularity.

45acp canada


Characteristics and Ballistics

The 45ACP Canada cartridge is known for its robust design and large bullet diameter of .451 inches (11.45mm). Its weight typically ranges between 185 to 230 grains, with variations available for different purposes. The 45ACP Canada exhibits moderate recoil, making it manageable for most shooters, and its muzzle energy provides excellent stopping power.

.45 ACP in Canada

Legalities and Restrictions

In Canada, firearm regulations are governed by the Firearms Act and its accompanying regulations. The 45ACP Canada is classified as a restricted caliber, which means it is subject to stricter regulations compared to non-restricted firearms. Owners of  firearms must hold a valid Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) with restricted privileges, adhere to safe storage requirements, and comply with transportation rules.

45acp canada

Popular Firearms Chambered in 45-ACP

Despite the regulations, many Canadian gun enthusiasts favor firearms chambered in 45-ACP. The Glock 21, SIG Sauer P220, and 1911-style pistols from various manufacturers are among the popular choices. These firearms offer a combination of reliability, accuracy, and ergonomics, making them suitable for self-defense, competition shooting, and even hunting.

Is 45-ACP more powerful than 9mm? .45-ACP

Stopping Power

One of the primary advantages of the 45-ACP is its stopping power. The larger bullet diameter and slower velocity create a greater wound channel, increasing the likelihood of incapacitating an assailant quickly and effectively. This characteristic makes the 45-ACP a popular choice for personal defense and law enforcement applications.


For Canadian individuals seeking a reliable self-defense option, the 45-ACP provides peace of mind. Its ability to neutralize threats efficiently, combined with proper training and shot placement, offers an added layer of protection for individuals concerned about personal safety.

ACP is not typically the first choice for hunting due to its limited range and bullet drop, it can still be suitable for certain scenarios. In Canada, where hunting regulations may vary by province and game species, the 45-ACP can be used for hunting small to medium-sized game at closer distances. However, it’s crucial to check local hunting regulations and ensure that the 45-ACP meets the legal requirements for specific hunting activities.

Disadvantages of .45-ACP


One of the notable drawbacks of the 45-ACP is its recoil. Due to the larger bullet size and relatively lower muzzle velocity, shooters may experience more recoil compared to other calibers. This can affect accuracy, especially for inexperienced shooters or those with limited upper body strength. Proper grip and stance, as well as regular practice, can help mitigate the effects of recoil.

Magazine Capacity

Another consideration with 45-ACP firearms is their magazine capacity. Due to the size of the cartridge, firearms chambered in .45 ACP often have lower magazine capacities compared to smaller calibers. This means fewer rounds per magazine and potentially more frequent reloading. While this may not be a significant concern for certain applications, such as home defense, it’s worth noting for those who prioritize higher ammunition capacity.


The cost of ammunition is an important factor to consider for any firearm enthusiast. Unfortunately, the 45-ACP tends to be more expensive compared to other popular calibers. This higher cost can impact regular shooting practice and training sessions, especially for individuals on a budget. It’s essential to factor in the cost of ammunition when considering the long-term affordability of owning and shooting a 45-ACP firearm.

How big is a .45-ACP bullet?

When looking to purchase a 45-ACP firearm, several key factors should be taken into account:

Research and Reviews

Take the time to conduct thorough research on different models, brands, and user reviews. Consider factors such as reliability, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. Online forums and trusted firearm publications can provide valuable insights into the performance and reputation of specific firearms chambered in 45-ACP.

Fit and Comfort

It’s crucial to find a firearm that fits comfortably in your hand. Visit a local gun store or shooting range to try out various models and determine which ones provide the best ergonomics and grip for your personal preferences. A comfortable and secure grip can enhance accuracy and shooting enjoyment.

Reliability and Durability

Look for firearms known for their reliability and durability. The ability to consistently feed, fire, and eject rounds without issues is vital for any firearm, especially for self-defense purposes. Research the reputation of different manufacturers and models to ensure you invest in a firearm that will perform reliably over time.


In conclusion, the 45-ACP cartridge holds a significant place in the Canadian firearms landscape. Despite the legal restrictions and considerations associated with owning firearms chambered in 45-ACP enthusiasts appreciate the stopping power, self-defense capabilities, and hunting potential offered by this caliber. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages, as well as conducting thorough research before purchasing a 45-ACP firearm, can help individuals make informed decisions based on their specific needs and preferences.


  1. Is the 45-ACP legal in all provinces in Canada? Yes, the 45 A.C is legal in Canada, but it falls under restricted firearms category, requiring a valid Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) with restricted privileges.
  2. How many bullets does a 45 hold?

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What is stronger 45 ACP or 9mm?

45 ACP are popular choices in the handgun world. The 9mm is typically considered less powerful than the .45 ACP, but it is also lighter and easier to control when shooting rapidly. Its smaller size makes it a good choice for concealed carry pistols, as well as subcompact handguns.

Why is 45 ACP so powerful?

The .45 ACP is generally considered to have greater stopping power than the 9mm. Due to its larger size and slower velocity it creates a larger wound channel and transfers more energy to the target

Is there a difference between 45 and 45 ACP?

There is no difference between 45 Auto and 45 ACP. They are in fact one and the same, which leads us to the point of this article: Some cartridges have more than one name. Some have many, in fact, to the point where an inexperienced shooter may wonder if they are ordering the correct ammunition

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