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DP 12 Double Barrel Pump Shotgun 12ga-Black- Canada



The first of its kind, the DP 12 Canada is a premium defense, double barreled, pump, 12 gauge shotgun that quickly fires 16 rounds. Its design is geared for the most .


tandard Mfg. DP-12 Pump – Black

Standard Manufacturing Company has raised the bar with this extraordinary shotgun that truly is one of a kind. Manufactured in a state of the art facility, its innovative design and guaranteed functionality are well ahead of its time. Extreme detail has been a priority from conception through production of these double barrel repeater shotguns. The first of its kind, the DP-12 is a premium defense, double barreled, pump, 12 gauge shotgun that quickly fires 16 rounds.

Its design is geared for the most discerning shooters who demand extreme firepower and require consistent reliability. The DP-12 is constructed from aircraft grade 7075T aluminum and thermal coated around the receiver. It is a bullpup style, pump action shotgun that ejects and feeds from behind the trigger mechanism, giving it impressive capacity in a relatively compact package that is ergonomically balanced for quick and efficient handling with minimal recoil. It delivers 14 rounds of capacity (plus 2 in the chamber) and allows 2 shots to be fired (1 at a time) before a pump is required to extract and feed the next 2 shells. A single trigger engages the right barrel first before engaging the left.

dp 12 canada

The DP-12 delivers many other sought after features including ambidextrous safety and pump slide release, shell indicator window, and front and rear sling attachments. A 7-slot rail is located on the bottom of the composite foregrip and a 14″ top rail provides enough real estate for the mounting of optics and/or back-up sights. A synthetic stock with a rubber recoil pad houses a shock absorbing, dual spring loaded recoil mechanism to provide comfort and control to the shooter. MOE slot attachments are located on either side to provide more mounting options as required.

The spreader choke tubes are designed to shoot a devastating pattern at 25 yards. The choke tubes have Tru-Choke thread patterns. The stock has a QR code that you can scan with your smart phone or tablet to download the manual and other information.


  • Gauge: 12 Gauge
  • Chamber: 2-3/4″ or 3″
  • Capacity: 14+2
  • Sights: Flat Top Rail
  • Stock: Synthetic
  • Barrel Length: 2x 18-7/8″
  • Choke: Tru-Choke
  • Barrel Type: Cylinder Bore
  • Overall Length: 29.5″
  • Weight: 9.75 lbs.
  • Part #: DP-12

This is a Non-Restricted Firearm.

Revolutionizing Tactical Gear: The DP 12 Phenomenon

In the realm of tactical equipment, the DP 12 stands out as a beacon of innovation. Canada, known for its stringent quality standards, has embraced the DP 12, marking a new era in tactical performance. This groundbreaking piece of equipment aligns with the needs of professionals who demand reliability and efficiency.

Unmatched Quality and Durability

The DP 12’s design prioritizes durability. Crafted with high-grade materials, it withstands harsh conditions, a must-have for tactical gear. Its robustness ensures long-term use, making it a cost-effective solution for users in Canada and beyond.

Adaptability: A Key Feature

Versatility is at the core of the DP 12’s appeal. It adapts to diverse environments, crucial for tactical situations where unpredictability reigns. This adaptability makes it a preferred choice for various professionals, from law enforcement to outdoor enthusiasts.

Enhanced Performance and Precision

Performance is where the DP 12 shines. Its precision mechanics enhance operational efficiency, a vital aspect for tactical gear. Users experience an unprecedented level of control and accuracy, elevating their performance in critical situations.

A Leap in Tactical Innovation

The DP 12 represents more than just a product; it’s a leap in tactical innovation. Its introduction into the Canadian market has set new benchmarks, influencing global trends in tactical equipment.

Conclusion: The DP 12’s Impact on Tactical Excellence

The DP 12’s emergence in Canada symbolizes a shift towards higher standards in tactical gear. Its combination of durability, adaptability, and precision offers an unparalleled experience. This makes the DP 12 a top-tier choice, not just in Canada, but globally, redefining the future of tactical performance.

In summary, the DP 12 embodies the pinnacle of tactical innovation. Its presence in Canada reinforces the country’s commitment to quality and efficiency. Whether for professional or personal use, the DP 12 stands as a testament to excellence in tactical gear.

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