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Enjoy a day on the water with canoes, kayaks, and accessories from top brands including Pelican, Sun Dolphin, and more.


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Rotomoulded, custom-crafted tunnel hull
• Wide transom and flared bow sections
• Exceptional stability for standing and fishing
• 4 bow and 4 aft powder-coated steel D-rings for securing gear
• Flat casting deck with non-skid foam mat
• Midship deep-moulded drink holder/storage
• Weathertight storage
• Port, starboard, centerline accessory-mounting rails
• Adjustable foot braces
• Deluxe removable, adjustable seating system with friction-lock bungee hold-downs
• Port and starboard gunnel-mounted carrying handles
• Dual flush-mounted rod holders with rod leash eyelets (leash not included)
• 6 scupper drains with plugs
• Bow and stern carrying handles

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Welcome to the refined Ascend® 10T Sit-On-Top Kayak with Enhanced Seating System. Its unique tunnel hull design creates impressive maneuverability and a stable platform for standing or fishing. On-deck, the Ascend 10T Sit-On-Top Kayak with Enhanced Seating System sports an open design optimized for accessory customization and unique storage opportunities. The deluxe, updated seating system includes friction-lock bungee hold-downs and a refined, ergonomic form factor, bringing the ultimate in comfort. Its removable design that lets you bring and use the seat onshore. Integrated weathertight storage provides reliable gear containment, while quick-connect D-ring bow and stern attachments and 3 rails accept virtually all aftermarket rail-mounted accessories. Adjustable foot braces, dual flush-mounted rod holder with rod leash eyelets (leash sold separately), 6 scupper drains with plugs, and bow and stern carrying handles complete this Ascend kayak as the best choice for adventurers and anglers seeking performance and stability.
Size: 10′ (3 m)
Approximate Weight: 67 lb. (30.39 kg)
Maximum Weight Capacity: 325 lb. (147.41 kg)

Unbeatable Kayak Deals in Canada: Find Your Perfect Paddle Adventure

Discover the Best Kayak Sales in Canada Kayaking enthusiasts rejoice! Canada’s vibrant kayaking scene is now more accessible than ever. With an array of choices, from serene lake paddles to exhilarating river adventures, the perfect kayak awaits you. And, with competitive sales and deals across the country, there’s never been a better time to buy.

Why Canada is a Kayaker’s Paradise Canada’s vast, scenic landscapes offer unmatched kayaking experiences. From the majestic lakes of Ontario to the rugged coasts of British Columbia, every province boasts unique kayaking adventures. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Canada’s diverse waterways cater to all skill levels.

Navigating the Best Kayak Sales But, how do you navigate the myriad of sales to find the best deal? First, consider your kayaking needs. Are you seeking a leisurely paddle on a calm lake or an adrenaline-fueled ride down rapids? Different kayaks suit different environments, so choose wisely.

Types of Kayaks: A Quick Guide

  • Recreational Kayaks: Ideal for calm waters, these kayaks are perfect for beginners.
  • Touring Kayaks: Built for longer distances, they’re great for experienced paddlers.
  • Inflatable Kayaks: Convenient for storage and transport, these are fantastic for casual use.

Finding the Perfect Fit Comfort is key. Ensure your kayak has adjustable seats and footrests. Storage space is another vital aspect, especially for longer trips. Look for kayaks with ample storage compartments.

Safety First: Essential Gear Don’t forget safety equipment. A good life jacket, a helmet for rough waters, and a repair kit are non-negotiable. Many Canadian retailers offer bundled deals, including essential gear.

The Best Time to Buy Timing is everything. Off-season sales, typically in late fall and early winter, often provide the best deals. However, don’t overlook mid-season sales, as retailers frequently discount models to make way for new stock.

Where to Find the Best Deals Online retailers often offer competitive pricing and a broader selection. However, visiting a local store allows for hands-on testing and expert advice. Many local shops also match online prices, so it’s worth asking.

Join the Kayaking Community Canada’s kayaking community is welcoming and diverse. Join local clubs or online forums to exchange tips, find paddling buddies, and stay informed about upcoming sales and events.

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