The KRISS Vector CRB Canada is classified as an unrestricted firearm with an 18.6″ barrel and a ten rounds capacity magazine.


Kriss Vector GEN II CRB Enhanced Semi-Auto Rifle 18.6″ Barrel, Black-10 MM

Discover the civilian version of the KRISS Vector Carbine Enhanced

Experience one of the most innovative developments in modern firearms technology with the patented KRISS Vector Platform. At the heart of each Vector is the Super V Recoil Mitigation System. This unique operating system redirects energy down, and away from the shooter, which eliminates felt recoil by 60% and muzzle climb by 95% when compared to traditional operating systems.

The KRISS Vector GEN II is more ergonomic with a redesigned trigger, a short throw ambidextrous safety lever, and a more comfortable pistol grip.

The KRISS Vector CRB Enhanced comes fully loaded an enhanced square barrel shroud. Additional standard equipment on the KRISS Vector CRB are the Magpul MBUS sights, full length picatinny top rail, lower picatinny accessory rail, and a Glock magazine.

Operating Action: Closed bolt, delayed-blowback patented KRISS Super V System
Caliber: 10 MM
Magazine: Std. 10-round Glock mag.
Length Extended: 38″
Length Collapsed: 35.5″
Height: 6.8″
Weight (unloaded w/o accessories): 8.18lbs
Barrel: (16:1 twist): 18.6″
Fire Control: Ambidextrous Fire/Safe settings: Semi-automatic

– Meets/exceeds TOPS/MILSTD 810F
– Advanced metal components: A2 and 4340/4140 chrome-moly steel alloys heat hardened/manganese phosphate treated with aerospace 7075/6061 hard-anodized aluminum alloys
– Aerospace polymer components: Lightweight injectionmolded housings of 15% fiber-reinforced Ultramid ™ Nylon 6/6 composite alloy treated for toughness and the environment protection

Exploring the Kriss Vector in Canada: A Top-Notch Firearm Review

In a world where precision and performance are paramount, the Kriss Vector has emerged as a true game-changer in the firearms industry. This innovative weapon, often sought after by shooting enthusiasts in Canada, blends cutting-edge technology with exceptional design. Join us on a journey to discover why the Kriss Vector has captured the hearts of many firearm aficionados in the Great White North.

Unveiling the Kriss Vector: What Makes it Stand Out

Outstanding Design and Ergonomics

One of the key factors that set the Kriss Vector apart from other firearms is its exceptional design and ergonomic features. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this firearm offers users a comfortable and intuitive shooting experience. The Vector’s unique design reduces recoil, making it easier to maintain accuracy and control, even during rapid fire.

Caliber Versatility

The Kriss Vector is available in various calibers, allowing shooters to choose the one that suits their preferences and needs. Whether you’re a fan of the 9mm, .45 ACP, or .10mm Auto, the Vector has you covered. This versatility makes it a top choice for both recreational shooters and professionals.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Behind the sleek exterior of the Kriss Vector lies a wealth of cutting-edge technology. The firearm utilizes an innovative delayed-blowback system, which significantly reduces recoil and muzzle climb. This translates to faster follow-up shots and increased accuracy.

Kriss Vector in Canada: A Legal Perspective

Compliance with Canadian Firearm Laws

For Canadians looking to purchase a Kriss Vector, it’s essential to understand the legal requirements and restrictions surrounding firearms. The Kriss Vector is classified as a restricted firearm in Canada, meaning it is subject to specific regulations and licensing requirements.

To own a Kriss Vector legally, individuals must hold a valid Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) with restricted firearm privileges. Additionally, owners must adhere to safe storage and transportation regulations outlined by the Canadian Firearms Act.

Kriss Vector: A Shooting Experience Like No Other

Precision and Accuracy

When it comes to accuracy, the Kriss Vector shines. Its unique design and recoil mitigation system ensure that every shot hits the mark. Whether you’re engaged in competitive shooting or simply honing your skills at the range, the Vector’s precision will not disappoint.

Customization Options

The Kriss Vector offers a wide range of customization options, allowing users to tailor the firearm to their specific preferences. From adjustable stocks to various sight options, you can make the Vector truly yours. This level of personalization enhances the shooting experience and makes the firearm an excellent choice for enthusiasts.

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