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Sako® S20 Hunter Cerakote Bolt Action Rifle



The new Sako® S20 is the first true hybrid rifle. It’s designed for progressive shooters with a unique modular structure that adapts to changing shooting


Sako® S20 Hunter Bolt Action Rifle

The new Sako® S20 is the first true hybrid rifle. It’s designed for progressive shooters with a unique modular structure that adapts to changing shooting styles and uses. It’s designed to fit your own individual shooting style and stance with a multitude of adjustment options and accessories available.

Truly a future-proof rifle that will serve intrepid shooters for a lifetime.

The modular H.I.R. (high impact resistant) take down stock is perfect for highly mobile shooters for easy transportation. The thumbhole-style pistol grip stock is made from a unique, soft, high quality synthetic material with a leather-like texture, delivering optimal grip in any weather conditions. You can perfectly align with your riflescope with the quick-adjustable cheek piece and the length of pull can be adjusted with spacers. The heart of the S20 is the aluminum chassis which has been optimized to create the most accurate platform possible by combining light weight construction with the correct amount of stiffness to produce sub MOA repeatable accuracy.


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Sako® S20 Hunter Cerakote Bolt Action Rifle

The V-bedding for the full length of the action offers unfailing performance with a rocksolid aluminum to steel fit to the main chassis. The receiver includes a solid integrated picatinny rail for correct bore to receiver alignment for precise optic mounting. Cold hammer forged, individually checked and hand tested, the medium contour 20” and 24” fluted Cerakote barrel includes a threaded muzzle for optional muzzle brake installation. The multi adjustable single stage trigger allows both weight of pull, and front to back adjustments to suit various finger and hand sizes for the perfect squeeze every time. The detachable composite double stacked magazine is built to help support reloaders with a longer maximum cartridge length and supports ammunition from the cartridge shoulder to prevent bullet damage from recoil.

Calibre Barrel
Rate of
20″ 5+1 1 in 10″ 7.91 lb.
24″ 3+1 1 in 9-1/2″ 8.3 lb.
20″ 5+1 1 in 11″ 7.85 lb.
20″ 5+1 1 in 11″ 7.85 lb.
24″ 3+1 1 in 10″ 8.23 lb.
24″ 5+1 1 in 8″ 8.22 lb.
24″ 5+1 1 in 8″ 8.24 lb.

What Makes the Sako S20 Stand Out?

The Sako S20 is not just a rifle; it’s a commitment to excellence. Imagine a tool so versatile and adaptable that it feels like an extension of yourself. That’s the Sako S20 for you. It combines cutting-edge technology with traditional craftsmanship, creating a rifle that’s both robust and refined.

Design and Build: The Cerakote Difference

Cerakote – ever heard of it? It’s a ceramic-based finish that provides unparalleled durability and corrosion resistance. The Sako S20’s Cerakote coating is like the superhero suit of rifles, protecting it from the harshest elements, especially the diverse Canadian climate.

Precision Performance: What to Expect

Precision is the name of the game. The Sako S20 offers exceptional accuracy, thanks to its meticulously engineered barrel and state-of-the-art trigger mechanism. Whether you’re targeting game or punching paper, this rifle won’t let you down.

Customization: Tailoring to Your Needs

One size never fits all, especially in the world of rifles. The Sako S20’s modular design allows for easy customization. From adjustable stocks to interchangeable barrels, it’s like having multiple rifles in one.

The Sako S20 in Canadian Terrain

Canada’s terrain is as varied as it is vast. The Sako S20 thrives in this environment, with features that cater to the dense forests of British Columbia or the open plains of Alberta.

Maintenance and Care

Taking care of your Sako S20 is crucial for its longevity and performance. Regular cleaning, proper storage, and mindful handling will ensure your rifle remains a reliable companion for years.

Safety Features

Safety can’t be overstated. The Sako S20 comes equipped with several safety features, making it a responsible choice for hunters and shooters of all levels.

Sako S20 Accessories and Add-Ons

Accessorizing the Sako S20 can enhance its functionality. From scopes to bipods, the options are plentiful, each adding a layer of personalization and efficiency.

Price and Availability in Canada

Let’s talk numbers. The Sako S20 is an investment in quality. We’ll explore its price range in Canada and where you can find this exceptional rifle.

Legal Considerations in Canada

Navigating the legal landscape is essential. We’ll delve into the regulations and requirements for owning and using the Sako S20 in Canada.

Comparing Sako S20 with Competitors

How does the Sako S20 stack up against its rivals? We’ll compare it with other popular models to give you a clear picture.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Hearing from actual users provides invaluable insights. We’ll share experiences and feedback from Canadian owners of the Sako S20.

Expert Opinions

What do the pros say? Expert opinions can shed light on the technical prowess and practical applications of the Sako S20.

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