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Winchester® Wildcat™ Semi-Auto Rifle



Moulded synthetic stock in Black or TrueTimber Strata camo • 18” barrel with rear ghost ring / front ramped post sights • Includes 10-round rotary magazine.


The Rise of the Winchester Wildcat 22 in Canada

In the realm of firearms, few names evoke the same level of respect and recognition as Winchester. Known for its innovative design and reliability, the Winchester Wildcat 22 stands out as a premier choice among Canadian marksmen. This semi-automatic rifle, with its lightweight frame and exceptional accuracy, has become a go-to for sports shooting and small game hunting.

Design Features That Set It Apart

What distinguishes the Winchester Wildcat 22 is its user-friendly design. It boasts a polymer stock that is both durable and lightweight, making it ideal for extended use without fatigue. The rifle’s blowback action ensures a smooth shooting experience, enhancing both accuracy and reliability. Furthermore, the Wildcat 22’s magazine capacity and easy-to-use magazine release add to its appeal, particularly for those who value efficiency in their shooting endeavors.

winchester wildcat 22 canada

Ideal for Beginners and Experienced Shooters Alike

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned shooter, the Winchester Wildcat 22 caters to all skill levels. Its ease of handling makes it an excellent choice for those new to shooting sports. Simultaneously, experienced marksmen appreciate its precision and adaptability, with many opting for the Wildcat 22 in competitive shooting scenarios.

Customization and Accessories

The customization options available for the Winchester Wildcat 22 further enhance its allure. Shooters can easily modify and accessorize their rifles to suit their specific needs and preferences. From scopes to silencers, the possibilities for personalizing the Wildcat 22 are nearly limitless, allowing each shooter to create a truly unique firearm.

A Staple in Canadian Shooting Sports

In Canada, the Winchester Wildcat 22 has carved out a significant niche in the shooting community. Its affordability, coupled with its performance, makes it a popular choice among Canadian shooting enthusiasts. Whether for recreational target practice, competitive shooting, or small game hunting, the Wildcat 22 consistently proves to be a reliable and versatile firearm.

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